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Terms & Conditions of using HotFiler

Before you download and use HotFiler, you must accept the terms and conditions described on this page. Your continued use of the HotFiler will indicate your acceptance of the stated terms & conditions. Although, HotFiler may notify you via email when major changes are made, you should visit this page periodically to review the terms. reserves the right to modify or revise these terms and conditions and policies at any time, and you agree to be bound by such modifications or revisions. If you do not accept and abide by this Agreement, you may not use the HotFiler utility.

Description of Product: Hotfiler Free Version

HotFiler is a Windows based utility to manage filename, attributes and properties. It has been developed by Deys Systems Ltd, a UK based company. HotFiler is offered as software that can be downloaded and installed in any computer running the mentioned versions of Windows. You understand and agree that the software is provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis. Although, we try our best, disclaims all responsibility and liability for the availability, timeliness, and use, misuse and accidental use of this utility. also reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the product with or without notice at any time and without any liability to you. HotFiler Free Version is made available to you for your personal and business.

Intellectual Property Rights

You acknowledge that HotFiler (Deys Systems Ltd.) owns all right, title and interest in and to the Hotfiler utility, including without limitation all intellectual property rights and such HotFiler Rights are protected by international intellectual property laws. Accordingly, you agree that you will not copy, reproduce, alter, modify, or create derivative works from this product. The Rights include rights to (i) the Service developed and provided by; and (ii) all software associated with the Service. Your Intellectual Property Rights. does not claim any ownership in any of the content (files or folder) that you run the utility on.


As a condition to using the Service, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy as it may be updated from time to time. understands that privacy is important to you. HotFiler utility DOES NOT:
1. Collect any information from the computer it is installed on.
2. Collect or transmit any information from your computer.
3. Display any annoying adverts on the utility.
Hotfiler utlitity however connects with to see if any updated version of the product is available and prompts the user accordingly.

Termination /Cancellation

You may cancel your use of Hotfiler utility with or without cause at any time by uninstalling the software from your computer at any time.